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Organizational Happiness


Organizational Happiness - because joy creates extraordinary results

It does not surprise anyone that the work environments, which are characterized by work satisfaction, are also those who produce the best results. But surprisingly for some, they simultaneously are those that quickly and most easily adapt to change processes and also are the most resistant to resistance from the environment. Would you also like to be inaugurated in the secret of how to do this?

Why book this lecture?
Boost employee engagement with a lecture, which is a life-affirming WakeUpCall to anyone who would like to avoid wasting the working day with sadness, worry and a heavy mind. Most people know that negativity and pessimism can drain all the energy and activity of a group - but there are very few who know what to do about it.

In the lecture, Sebastian Nybo addresses the following key elements:

  • Why humor is conducive to your quality of life - new research provides the answer 
  • How can you break the downward mouth-attitude - without being a happy-head 
  • How to create balance in the four vital energy centers and gain surplus 
  • Take control of idle time and turn it into entrepreneurship 
Take home value: 
  • Learn to balance the energy system 
  • Learn to dispose of your energy resources and thus escape from the downward spiral, "shake the coat" and move on 
  • You learn to initiate the positive movement starting with your own energy 
  • The lecture also gives you a number of tools to change negative thought patterns into opportunities filled with new energy and vitality - even when everything is constantly changing 
The lecture can be customized so it targets either the management or employees.