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High Performance


High Performance Teamů 30% increased profitability

How to ensure High Performance in your team

The 5 Keys to Success with HPT
The statistics tell us that by implementing team-based collaboration and cultivate High Performance, a team typically increases productivity by 30 % within 12-18 months.

Why book this lecture?

Why work with HPT?
Because High Performance Teams provide 34% higher return on their assets and 26% higher return on investment (ROI) . A team-based organization will use 34% fewer hours to perform the same work. And when the team- based organization simultaneously experiences less loss of employees and more work satisfaction, it is a win win for all parties.

Gain insight into what kind of mechanisms ensure greater ownership, job satisfaction and productivity amongst employees and gain tools to strengthen these mechanisms. How to get curious, motivated and persistent employees who contribute flexibly and committed - regardless of their " core tasks ".

It is essential that you, as a leader, know what responsibilities and roles you must take on you - both in daily operations when there are changes and when acute crisis arise in the team - because that is how to motivate your employees and improve the working environment.

In the lecture, Sebastian Nybo addresses the following key elements :

  • What characterizes the ideal team? The characters or project or ... ?
  • From a focus on the ideal team to focus on the smart team - what is the difference and what it will mean in practice?
  • Learn about five key motivators for any team

 Take home value:


  • Set the framework for a fruitful meeting - focus on expectations and common language 
  • Get an introduction to the TQ-development tool for teams 
  • Decode your team's dynamics, its strengths and weaknesses, and use it forward-looking and constructive when roles within the team is distributed