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Creative Leadership - It takes courage to break with the past

It has dawned upon most managers that the tempo of change will only increase. Since change processes constantly occur, most will also agree that creativity, innovation and readiness for change are important parameter for success. But where in the brain lies the intelligence for change? How can it be developed? What can you do to improve it?

Being able to promote employee creativity is a key element of modern leadership. It is the manager's job to create and support an environment where innovation and willingness to change is paramount. New growth does not come from repeating old patterns. It is not enough to say " Blue Ocean Strategy" or "Outside of The Box ". For the ability to think in groundbreaking new ways to improve, innovation-promoting leadership must be backed by real changes in the daily work processes.

Lecturer, Business Psychology Consultant and Author, Sebastian Nybo, has examined the psychological factors that promote the human capacity to be radically innovative during change processes.

He has come to the very interesting result that "All human beings are ingenious. The majority have just forgotten that it is so".

As an expert in change psychology, he gives his take on the characteristics, you as a leader, must promote in yourself in order to be able to stimulate your employees' creativity.

In the lecture, Sebastian Nybo addresses the following key elements:

  • How ready for change is man really? - brain research gives a surprising answer. 
  • The modern leader is valuable to be led by - are you? 
  • How to ensure successful change processes - avoiding the classic pitfalls. 
  • Future organizational culture supports radical innovation - learn how. 
  • The leader as the driver for the organization's talent development.