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Change is the Game


Change - is the name of the game

How to prepare yourself for change

There are lots of myths about what happens when people undergo a process of change. This lecture - about change in organizations - will deal with some of them - and simultaneously challenge your current view of the world.

Why book this lecture?
That people react extremely differently in change situations is well known, but what can you as an individual, and in particular as a colleague, do to alleviate some of the challenges? This lecture puts particular emphasis on the key reactions, we humans typically have, and gives possible solutions based on hands-on experience.

In the lecture, Sebastian Nybo addresses the following key elements:

  • How to unleash our natural change intelligence
  • How do you tackle change?
  • Changes do not ask for permission...they just arrive
  • How to train yourself to be ready for change

Take home value:

  • You receive practical tools to take home so you can handle the changes that inevitably are part of an organization in motion
  • Knowledge of how to get through the challenging transition processes 
  • Applicable techniques that will prepare you for change
  • You learn to break the patterns and habits 

The lecture can be customized so it targets either the management or employees.