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Through dynamic innovation and research Sebastian Nybo has developed the foundation for 12 original theories and models, which is the cornerstone for his practise, counselling and teachings.

Sebastian Nybo has just finished his new book on our common global responsibility for a sustainable future. A book - where he in dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama - uncovers the essential core ethics, we human have to build our future on. The book is available in english on amazon.com.

Furthermore, he has already published two items - neither is yet available in English. The book "Inner Leadership" was published in 2001 and is a detailed description of the optimal empowerment process. It describes the shift from the hierarchical to an actualised leadership model.

He has also published a visualisation CD entitled “Peace, Balance and Insightfulness”. It came out in 1998 and is now one of the most sold visualisation CDs in Denmark. 

Published in Danish and Tibetan 2009 / Italian 2010 / English 2011
Published in Danish 2009 / The English version is in progress
Published in Danish 2001 / Reprinted 2006

The visualisation CD entitled “Peace, Balance and Insightfulness” was published in 1998