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Center for Meaningful Co-Creation

Lecture on Change

Change is the Game

How you can benefit from change
- the true nature of change

Learn what you, as an individual, and in particular as a colleague can do to alleviate some of the challenges that arise during change.

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Lecture on High Performance Teams

High Performance

How to achieve High Performance
- as individuals, as a team and as an organization

This lecture provides an insight into a number of cases where a High Performance culture made the difference and helped the organization through a process of change.

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Lecture on Organizational Happiness

Organizational Happiness

How to implement Organizational Happiness
- the working environment is a shared responsibility

Boost employee engagement with a life-affirming lecture to anyone who wants to avoid wasting the working day with sadness, worry and a heavy mind.

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Lecture on Creatice Leadership

Creative Leadership

How to be the driver for Radical Innovation
- the organizational culture must support radical innovation - learn how.

Being able to promote employee creativity is a key element of modern leadership. It is the manager's job to create and support an environment where innovation is paramount.

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Personally there is no doubt in my mind about where to look next time around for insightful perspective and competent sparring!

Peter Friis, CEO, Google Nordic
Sebastian is inspiring, easily comprehensible and very professional in his lectures and processes. He is truly World Class.

Villy Markman, Senior Director, LEGO systems A/S 

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How you can save the world without loosing yourself. This presentation will take you back to the cradle of mankind and guide you through the evolutionary history of our species and thereby deepen your understanding of our significance as well as our downsides.

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Thoughts on Wisdom

The future is inevitable - Progress is not - and we all know that if we continue our ways of the past, our future looks quite gloomy.

We have become too obese, overloaded with information and have lost track of why we are even here - we have become our own worst nightmare.